WEEK 2 Reflection

Week 2 Reflection


This week was definitely another learning experience in terms of online learning. I am finding I really like the online learning experience. It is proving to be very beneficial to me, as a teacher, to learn from other teachers who have experienced some of the same and different challenges.


The most beneficial factor this week for me that occurred during collaborating with other on our Blog site was narrowing down my research topic. I am still not sure I am on the right track but ideas from tweeting and other’s blog helped me to decide on what might be helpful to me. I have always believed in spelling but I know this has been a debatable topic among colleagues over the years.  I would like to show a positive correlation with spelling practice at school and at home increasing literacy skills.


I am hoping to push for more spelling practice and reading logs to promote student performance in reading and spelling. Currently, my students have had minimal homework specifically in reading and spelling that are targeted skills. I am thinking targeted practice with parents’ signature might increase performance. To help ensure work gets done I might have a reinforcement chart that includes homework so students will be motivated to get homework done. I would love to see increased spelling scores.  Would it be possible to slowly add in practice to see a shift in spelling scores? 


I was thinking this would be a great activity to press for as homework as I have learned from this class and some training at the beginning of the year that common core is going to require a significant amount of time in teaching strategies. I am firm believer in reading more informational text. In the past, I have found that the informational books provided by the district have been challenging. I really believe that the challenge students and teachers faced was due to teachers never really continuing to teach literacy skills throughout all subjects. The new reform in education is definitely something I believe needs to happen and is well worth the time it takes to align teaching to the new standards.


#1.) Resources/Ideas Shared

#2.) Impact of Sharing with others


  • I realized I had the book by Wong, The First Days of School.  It is a resource I should utilize more and share with other new teachers. I tend to put things away after a few years and use new materials. Although older, it is something I might want to put out where it can readily accessible.
  • I spent most of my twitter meeting on Tuesday trying to figure out how the technology works. I am able to follow along on twubs but I am not sure if others are getting my feed because no one is responding to me.
  • Tweeting on twubs was definitely challenging and I plan on setting up tweetdeck for future meetings. I loved how so many conversations could be going on at once.
  • I thought of some research ideas for myself that would be manageable during the 8 weeks.  I got these ideas from other students.


#3.) Research Question


  • I would like to research the impact spelling practice has on students in the classroom. I need to fine tune it, yet. I am thinking about adding in a short 20 minute homework assignment 4 days a week before the test. Currently, all the spelling work is done in the classroom and students are not motivated to do well on the test.




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