Week 3 Reflection

1.) What new resources, curated resources, or ideas did you share this week?

 Many of the ideas I shared this week were as a result of my own research. This week I learned it is extremely important for my success in this class to thoroughly read through the course requirements for the week. At first I thought I had a clear idea of what I needed to do and instead found myself in a crunch to get things done. I learned from reading other’s blogs that I was not the only one in this predicament.

2.) What did I intend these new resources, curated resources or ideas in terms of impacting other’s learning? 

My intentions this week were really to share the positive impact literacy books have had on my math classes and to get ideas from other’s who have had the sane experience. 

3.) What was the actual impact?

I found, as I was in panic mode to get things done, I started to form my research question. How do the use if literacy books impact the mathematical learning of students in my classroom? I also got a lit of positive feedback from my peers about this research topic. Most importantly I am feeling confident with my ability to successfully complete this project now that I have finally come up with research question. This week I felt like most of the collaboration helped me and I did little to help others. I made good use out of the Google scholar suggestion and saved myself some time while I researched.

4.) What would I do differently next week?

I will definitely read the specified requirements better on the course homepage. I found myself confused in the tweet session because I was uncertain of what was unexpected. This week I really learned from other’s. 

5.) What resources did other’s share that made a difference in my learning? 

I don’t know why I never knew about Google scholar before the tweet session, because this tool was amazing to help filter out articles I didn’t need. This week I really springboarded off other’s to get my work done. I am grateful for such intellectual peers. And appreciate the continued blog comments from Brandi and others.


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