Week 4

This week was busy and a learning experience writing a research proposal. I struggled with figuring out what was the most effective way to collect data for this qualitative research study and with the technology required to submit the final peer reviewed proposal.


I first had to decide on how I would collect data. I decided since it is an inductive qualitative study I would collect bits and pieces of information from both students and teachers to show that students have a different attitude towards math when using literature books.  I will do this through a use of structured interviews, surveys, observations, and narrative responses. The data will be coded into groups that identify a change in students’ attitudes towards mathematics:  neutral, positive, or negative.


My next struggle was with all the new technology skills required in order to submit my peer-reviewed proposal.  I found myself getting completely overwhelmed with the technologies being used and a bit anxious as I waited for other students to send their papers.  However, the tutorial video on how to submit the peer review proposal helped me tremendously. 


After others sent me their papers I begun peer reviewing. I found it very helpful to read what others have done because it validated I was on the right track with my own paper. I also found myself reflecting on how I could make my research question clearer.


Once all the work was finished and the proposal was submitted I felt good about the assignment and the process. I liked being able to learn from others through the editing their work and learning from their comments of my work. It was a great collaborative process.



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