W6 Reflection

Week 6


Again, week after week, I find myself barely keeping afloat with both my personal and professional life. The joys of being a teacher! This week there are parent teacher conferences and the prep it requires before conferences and the time it requires to hold these meetings are leaving me feeling overwhelmed.  From browsing other’s blogs and collaborating with peers I have found that I am not the only one in rough waters. We can do this together! And I am making it by with the words of encouragement from my peers.


Resources I shared:

  • I shared a Wordle image I created using my observation notes and Wordle.com I talked briefly about Wordle on Twitter and shared how I planned to use this in my action research paper.
  • I also shared Wordle with my colleagues, because it is a great visual tool that can tell a powerful message. My colleagues and students loved Wordle.com
  • I tweeted about how handy the optional text has been for me. Qualitative Research: A Guide to Design and Implementation by Sharon B. Merriam. It has been my go to guide especially when technology can be so frustrating in a rural community.
  • I got ideas from Lenore about how I could use Wordle for a theme.
  • I also sent emails back and forth with Lee about how I could use Wordle. She was quick to respond with ideas that were helpful and doable.
  • I worked on peer review proposal and suggested ideas to others on how to get this done.
  • My peer review needed to be revised I looked at others.
  • My professor Lee suggested that I look for others with the same or similar action research topic. Taking her advice I browsed thru other’s blogs looking for possible collaborators. I found those who have helped me throughout this process has been most helpful and continued to do so. I felt like we were learning together and some slightly quicker than others.


What will I do differently next week?

  • I will try not to panic and collaborate more with others.
  • Continue to email both professors as I have learned Dr. Jones is the one who will be assigning grades. I had previously only been emailing Lee and I think we had miscommunication. I was only the assumption that I was caught up and on the right track. I am still not sure, so I will continue to seek clarification.


What resources helped me?

  • Dr. Jones shared helpful resources and links to help as guides to finishing this assignment. She also sent me via email a lit review example.
  • Both professors communicated on Twitter with me trying to redirect me so that I would be on track. I appreciated all the help. It helped and I am hoping I am on the right track.
  • Tweetdeck is finally installed on my computer thanks to techops. It was a long awaiting process and I am finally getting familiar with it. It is helping me collaborate with others. I wish both Twubs and Tweetdeck were better explained at the beginning of the class, because it would have greatly helped me get through this course.
  • Leslie Burdick had great ideas on how to use Wordle to show themes. I definitely took her advice.


I am looking forward to a week where I am feeling on track and have greater confidence in myself to complete this action research project. I am also going to be finishing up on my data collection and fine-tuning my Literature Review. I have a full-schedule ahead of me but with the encouragement of many, I believe I can do this!





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