Week 6

This week has been very eventful in both my personal and professional life. I am a few days behind because I flew to Vancouver to spend a few days with my Grandmother who told us she is spending her last few days here due to cancer.

However, before the news of the Lymphoma spreading I was feeling really good about everything. I spent some time this past week emailing both professors Anne and Lee and received constructive feedback to help get myself on track. The collaboration I was doing on other blogs was reassuring that I was on the right track with my research paper. 

Lastly, I had an epiphany with my abilities to do this research paper during the last tweeting session. I left the twitter feeling confident and optimistic about the project thanks to the two professors and a few other peers whom are willing to collaborate with me. With my confidence to complete the paper established, I will be finishing the analysis of data. It was a to my advantage I had completed my data collection this week because with all the excitement I will still be able to get the analysis done. It is my belief that through collaboration and careful consideration I have collected sufficient data to really give my research paper some heart.


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