11-4 Reflection

This week I have been spending my time reading other’s papers as well as working on my own action research paper. I found it tremendously helpful to view other’s papers to help get me on track with this project.  It has been a busy week for me, like usual except busier due to trying to get caught up after visiting my grandmother. 

I have had quite the experience with trying to write a Qualitative Action Research paper. At most times it has been frustrating due to my confusion with the project and my knowledge of action research. However, I am feeling much better about this project after collaboration and time investigating how to complete this project.

I plan to continue conducting this action research project after the class is over, because I was sent a link from my administrator to apply for funding and this project supports it. I was pleased to learn how action research pays off. I am basically providing evidence to the education provided and it has many benefits.

Contributions I made this week:

  • Shared bibme.org on twitter
  • Discussed our due dates with others on twitters and helped to discover there has been two parts to the weekly work. Yikes! I have some catching up to do.
  • I read over Lenore’s paper and have written down notes to share with her.  (although she mostly helped me)
  • At this stage, I gave mostly words of encouragement.

Intentions for resources I shared and actual (discerned) impact

  • My concern with turning in my papers on time also might have clarified assignments and due dates to others.
  • I shared Bibme.org for referencing on twitter. This is a great reference tool, because it also allows you to enter manually. No one has commented yet about the use.

Next week?

  • Turn in final paper by due date
  • Complete Reflections

What did I learn from others?

  • I was reminded by Brandi to make sure graphs are labeled clearly. Sometimes, it is the simple things we forget.
  • Lenore Swanson went above and beyond to collaborate with me as a result of my expression of frustration during the twitter session. She quickly emailed me her research proposal. I read that and had a framework to help guide me.
  • I also viewed Carollea’s research paper she posted online. I am very grateful for having read this paper, as I know it has reassured me I am on the right track with my own paper.
  • I also learned great visuals really help to tell a story. I plan to work on my visuals to present in my paper.



In the end, when the paper is complete it will represent more than just a completed action research paper it will also represent the importance of collaboration. This class has almost pushed me to my breaking point with technology and collaboration, because, being in a remote village Internet is slow and limited, it was frustratingly painful to try and collaborate in a timely manner. I have learned better time management skills and reaching out for help are important to do in order to complete the tasks of this class.


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