Week 8 (What did I and My Colleagues Learn from the Classroom Inquiry Process? )

Again it has been a busy week with trying to get caught up. I was under the wrong impression with what was due over the past few weeks.  Somehow in the midst of my chaotic life schedule I became unclear of the requirements, which caused me to fall behind a little and only, more recently, resulted in panic.


I spent most of this week in distress and thinking about, “What ifs”. I really would have preferred a very simple outline in the beginning of class with what the expectations of this class were. Over time, I have come to the conclusion that it is definitely a manageable class after learning the expectations of the class. I do believe it might be extremely helpful to have one extra class period just devoted to getting the routine down. I feel like with what I know now, I could have done a much better job at the start of this class. Nonetheless, it was definitely a great learning experience and has taught me to slow down and plan accordingly. I live in a rural community and the school has the fastest and most reliable Internet. With that being said, I had to plan around when I could be at the school to complete the class. It was a very difficult task for me to plan when I would get the work done since it was on my own time.


Although I struggled with the way this course was designed, I was able to learn about the inquiry process. I learned, learned the hard way that it is consistently done over a period of time. I say consistently, because as soon as I fell behind even a day or two it was very difficult for me to catch up. Also, staying caught up allowed me to really make sure I was on the right track with my paperwork.  It is very difficult to collaborate, an essential component to the inquiry process, if you are not caught up. Many times throughout the process I found myself a step behind simply because I was confused with what I was suppose to being doing. Kudos to those who stayed caught up and on track. You all helped guide me through the process.


I learned the inquiry process is very difficult at first, especially if you are not self-motivated to get it done. It is a process in which something is to be discovered though careful planning that allows you to look at both qualitative and quantitative data to determine if there is a powerful story that can be told. Because the inquiry process is a process, you might just find yourself starting out with a new question starting the process again from the beginning. Once investigation takes place it is time to put the data together and look for connections—the analysis process. After completing the analysis there should be discussion of the findings.  It is a collaborative process because we are helping everyone by providing our own personal experiences with a process that can be shared to all.


Eventually, my panic eased about the coursework and determination kicked in. I decided that it might be possible to tackle the workload in front of me.  I really am thankful for Hallie’s posting that included her Action Research paper, because it gave me some direction when I was feeling lost. Again, collaboration is essential in the inquiry process.


Before her paper was posted, I had looked at too many Action Research Papers that had only caused me to feel confused and overwhelmed. The paper she posted was, in my opinion, was very well written and was easy to follow along. My plan is to spend some time browsing other blogs in hopes to find another paper that is helpful.


This week I was also equally grateful to have received some guidance from our professor Lee on triangulation. She directed me to a site on triangulation that was very easy to understand and also helped guide me to keep my paper focused. I appreciate all the efforts put forward to collaborate with technology.


With the efforts of others to help redirect me, I have decided that I can do this and have spent a considerable amount of time reorganizing the huge mess of a paper I constructed in my previous state of confusion. The inquiry process, this time around was chaotic and after learning the process through my initial action research paper I feel confident in saying I can and will be taking part in action research. It really helps guide you as a teacher by thinking deeply about what you are doing, but more importantly providing evidence for why you are doing what you are doing.


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