Week 1 Reflection

Wow! Although I had many of the requirements for this first class already “under my belt” from taking a previous class with the same instructor, I am still pushing to get things done until last minute.  The only real struggle I had this week was trying to get onto Wiki Spaces. I am up for any suggestions on what I can do to get started with this project. I plan on tackling this problem later on tonight after I clear my mind by taking a walk.


I am still in the process of looking at serious games. There are so many serious games to look at on the Internet. Recently, my Internet at home has been malfunctioning, so I have had to only work from the school. I know that I would love to browse the Internet to search up serious games that I could use in my classroom or suggest to colleagues. I also find that it takes me a considerable amount of time looking for games. Therefore, I have tweeted about my desire for suggestions in hopes to learn some tips and tricks for searching up serious games.  I have found a link that has a list of serious games. I posted the link of twitter as well. Here is it is: http://www.seriousgamesdirectory.com/  However, this link does not provide a list I was looking for. Ugh! It is just being a bit more of a challenge than I would like it to be.


Nonetheless, I found 3 serious games: Math Chimp http://www.mathchimp.com/

Math games organized by grades + curriculum, Minecraft, and Pandemic.  All three of these games I listed are not what I ideally had in mind in terms of including them in the classroom. I would like to find games that I might be able to include in the 4th grade classroom. The math chimp has a bunch of math games that can teach students math facts and is grade level appropriate.  And although the next is cliché, I was really interested in Minecraft because I know many of my students are interested in this game. I was also hoping to learn how I could use it as an educational incentive for those students who need such a reward system. I finally have some understanding of this game, but also came to realize it might take actually playing it to thoroughly understand it.  The final one I found was Pandemic and this game mimics how flus such as the Swine Flu spread. I would have to look at this game deeper to get a better understanding of how appropriate it is for younger students.  Later tonight, I plan to go to a friend’s place and just relax while using the Internet to look for serious games.  I think my biggest hold up is I am looking for educational serious games.


Luckily, I was able to learn from others this week and take a peek at what kind of games they have found. I found that Gary had found 3 serious games that would work well for his age group. I also really enjoyed reading Nicole’s post because she seems to have a grasp on the idea of gaming. Gaming is new to me, because I have just chosen not to. I have been much like Gary, too busy to take part in gaming. However, much like he is I am willing and interested in learning about what gaming means to the educational field.


I look forward to collaborating and learning about gaming in education.



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