Reflection Week 2

This week has been a successful week other than forgetting to post by reflection on time. I am feeling better about this style of class. Even though, I am feel better about this class I am still overlooking things. I need to read the directions carefully to make sure I am meeting all the requirements.


I am starting to feel more optimistic about including games. I am hoping to learn from my own active participation as well as benefitting from others participation. Each week I find at least 1-3 things of value that I can use in the classroom. Brandi helped me this week by pointing out that I did not specifically include the components required to make it a serious game. With that being said, I went back and added a long list that I found and agreed with from James Paul Gee. I think I was avoiding my own specific list, because they all seemed relevant and I was having a hard time narrowing the list down. I was curious to whether others had a hard time and I found they all tried to create a list, but I really liked that list so I included it. Nonetheless, I did create a short list just as umbrella terms. I will add these to the group wiki shortly.  I also commented on Brandi’s blog and found she did a great job narrowing it down to a smaller list. The next Blog I interacted with was Gary’s and I found that he had narrowed it down to a smaller list.  As I browsed lists, I was thinking in terms of umbrella terms and I am still not sure what I would say are the components of a serious game. I am looking forward to our next twitter session in order to clarify this.


Luckily, with the advances in technology I have been able to attend all twitter sessions. Except this past week, my slow Internet had me believing I was early or class was postponed. Eventually, the news feed updated and I realized I was not early at all.  I have had a lot of family emergencies this past year and I am grateful this class is designed like this. I was able to make a few twitter posts this week in regards to my posting. I also posted some questions regarding serious games and if there is a database of some sort. 


Lastly, I would like to say I am still unsure of my final product or end results for this class is suppose to be. However, I might be misled but I think that is the correct assumption.  With that assumption, I am telling myself not to panic. I now know first hand that change is hard!


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