Week 3 Reflection-Rubic Develpment

This was definitively a week full of intense learning in terms of collaborating via technology in order to develop a rubric that measured the quality of a serious game. I greatly appreciate the collaboration piece because I am living in rural Alaska and it allows me to participate in a class I otherwise would not be able to.


However, I also find myself challenged with the technology aspect of this class. Like many other weeks, I found myself in a time crunch because I do not allow myself enough time to get familiar with the materials and technologies I am using.  For instance, I would periodically check the Wiki to see if my group had gotten started and like a fool I would only see the input from week 1.  After navigating the site, I eventually found the tab where the collaborative assignment was. At this point my group had already added a lot of input. I really appreciate the lead Gary is taking.


I was able to catch up and add to my group’s discussion. For the most part I was in agreement with my teammates in our goal to develop a rubric for determining the quality of a serious game.  My group did an excellent job discussing and sharing ideas in order to narrow the list of components required to have a quality serious game. Alone this task was a difficult process and I had a much larger list. The list I originally had came from James Paul Gee’s list. Although, I believe all the points I originally made in my own attempt are important I think it is essential to narrow the list down for a rubric. Through a collaborative effort my team had decided to create a list using umbrella terms that included: challenges, encouragement, learning, entertainment, problem solving components, and collaboration. We went from a bare bones rubric to a full-developed rubric. In the development there was always teammates who were one step ahead of me with great ideas as a result I felt like a cheerleader who encouraged my teammates. This project has taken collaboration to the next level for myself and I am grateful to be working with such great leaders.


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