Week 4 Reflection

Although, I had a hard time keeping up with my postings I was able to keep up with my weekly reading, which I enjoyed. I found this week’s reading to be refreshing as well as needed. I think we all need to be reminded about trying to make our lessons engaging. It is so easy to become stuck in a routine. I definitely found myself inspired this week.


At the start of the week, I was frantic at the idea of hosting a twitter session on my own. However, Scott volunteered to host with me and he was wonderful. Unlike Scott I was very apprehensive about hosting a twitter session. I was relieved when Scott reassured and directed me about how to go about this. He really took the lead and helped tremendously during the session. Thanks to him I feel much more confident in hosting a twitter session. He was a fantastic partner and did a great job helping me keep up and keeping our peers engaged. Overall, I felt it went well.


After my challenge with Twitter was over, I began to try and help out my team with the rubric. Luckily, this class allows us to work at our own pace. I find that I am barely keeping afloat but I was able to join in and work with the group. I found that Gary and Sara are great leaders. Sara took the lead to start the initial posting. And Gary has been great about being a leader. I appreciate him tremendously. I also tried to start the initial posting, but went to the wrong page.  The rubric is coming along!


I also spent some of the week reading others and trying to get caught up. I feel like I am extremely behind due to my personal well-being. It has been a tough week! I did get a chance to respond to a few blogs. I enjoyed reading and responding to Gary’s and Scott’s blog.


Lastly, I shared a few resources on Twitter. I shared ways that I have helped to keep things engaged in my classroom. For example, I use math songs to help students get interested in something I am not that interested in myself.


All in all it was a great learning week despite my sicknesses.


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