Week 5 Reflection

I am learning! Regardless of how overwhelmed or frustrated I get, I am doing what I set out to do. I am becoming more educated and in this case I am becoming more familiar with technology. This class is forcing me to learn new technologies and work outside my comfort zone. It is allowing me to take risks that might ultimately allow me to stay in the game. Education is changing because our lives are changing.


Currently, I am in Seattle at Fishermen’s terminal waiting for my clothes to dry and at the same time taking part in classes. It is a wonderful advancement in the way of thought and technology. Without this class being asynchronous I would not be able to participate in classes.


Now it maybe great in terms of being able to learn from anywhere, but I still do struggle with the unfamiliar. And boy oh boy, all this posting and using different technologies is something I struggle with. I find myself getting frustrated with just the amount of time it takes to get logged on. However, I am getting better with time management and learning some tricks. There are times when I feel like I have had enough, but then I remind myself of all the benefits. I am becoming a learner that searches for knowledge and can work at it when the times work best for me.


This week I found myself so upset with the class. I was panicking about not being able to view the Wiki pages. Well, come to find out that in my initial panic to get logged on to the Wiki pages I created two pages. Luckily, Lee was able to help me. Later, I came across an article that reinforced the idea that this is the right class for me if I want to be at the top of my game because it talked about innovation and education and highlighted the importance of Wikis. Before this article, I was a bit leery of Wikis and there value in the classroom. It turns out I just might be outdated. I love that this class if pushing me to be current in the field of education. I never want to be like some of my coworkers were to me when I first started teaching because I am outdated. In education, or teaching specifically, I find it is so easy to get tunnel vision because we are so concerned about learning that day that we don’t have time to learn new ways of doing things. We get stuck doing what is comfortable.


I also posted a few tweets about some apps. I was looking to get advice on some apps that I heard about and also looking to get new innovate ideas to bring into the classroom. I responded to Gary’s post and used his to help get me caught up. This year has been a rough year for me emotionally. I lost a grandmother, cousin, and uncle all in a week’s period back in November. Then, just recently, I learned my cousin is also facing some serious cancer ailments. Well, now I am ready to get caught up and I love how this class allows us to document are learning. I particularly like reading Gary’s blog as I find it easy to follow. I liked how he reminded us to be innovative within the realm of standards. Great job, Gary! I also posted on a few others. Megan had a great discussion on how innovation is necessary but difficult in the first years. We had a good conversation on this topic. I found her blog really had me thinking. This type of discussion would be great for students just about to become a teacher to follow along with experienced teacher.  You really learn a lot from the experience.


I also spent some time looking at the Wikis. I need to spend more time making comments on them.  I look forward to the upcoming weeks of pushing myself outside my own set of comforts.


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