Week 6 Blog- 668 Scudero

Week 6 Blog-Shauna Scudero


This week’s essential question asked us, “How does the culture of your current teaching environment differ from the learning environment you experienced as a student?” My student education in compared to the education my students receive differs tremendously in terms of how the content is delivered but the content has remained essentially the same.


Technology and data have greatly changed the way in which we teach and education is delivered, because both the teachers and students have changed. According to Hos-Grane (2011) in her article Students today are different – how should this impact on teaching and learning?, “students are learning all the time, though often using resources that are new such as blogs, podcasts, social media, gaming, virtual worlds and skype – and that these are often accessed using mobile technology.” Thus, it is evident that the way education is delivered much change. Students are different due to technological advances. Hos-Grane further states seeing students as different because they, “see knowledge as open, collaborative, accessible and often from the bottom up – such knowledge is usually presented as multimedia.” Wow! This reading really changed my mind about how we as teachers need to change because our students are changing.


Simply stated we need to be willing to change as educators. We don’t want to be stuck in a time period different from our students. In our reading A New Culture of Learning: Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change (2011) the authors refer to people as, “Pre-Pc” and “Post-Pc”. I definitely agree that there is a change in people based on their experience, however, I think you can classify people even further as changes have drastically taken shape since then. 


Our job as educators should be to be innovative and think outside the box so we can keep up with the changes that are taking place in education. Dave Burgess (2013) in his book Teach Like a Pirate encourages teachers to be innovative and passionate. I think the key here is passion, because more to often than not it is too easy to take the path of least work. I believe the passion is what will bring about the innovation. Yes, technology offers innovation but we need the passion to be willing to learn the new technologies.


The current culture of education changes yearly although we may not notice it. I have only been teaching for 6 years and when I think back to my first year of teaching I am reminded that things have changed. During my first year of teaching I was using an overhead projector and one of the only ones trying to use newer technologies. I found an overhead projector to connect to my computer store in the closet and dusted that off. Now, we have a technology-trained staff and wall mounted projectors in each room.


My students are eager to learn with technologies and dread regular paper pencil methods. The classrooms have changed drastically in the way students and teacher approach education. I have also noticed that with the standards and technology advancements students are coming into my classrooms more advanced then the previous years.


Yes, we do have the basic that we have to teach, but I believe technology has allowed us to teach them more effectively and efficiently. For instance, I have taught my students how to learn their times tables with song and video easily accessible through the internet and overhead.


In conclusion, the culture of education has changed due to technologies therefore our strategies as teachers should change as well.





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