Week 6 Reflection

Week 6 Reflection


Although I still feel like at times I am frantically trying to prepare for this class, this week it all started to come together. I am learning in both the classes I am enrolled in that it is about being innovative and willing to take risks to stay on top of my game as an educator. Part of what makes us stand out as an educator, is being willing to stay current with the times.


This week I am feeling accomplished, as I was able to keep up with almost all of the tasks while still being away from home. I shared my blog in a timely manner and tweeted a few times. I spent the first part of the week reading the required readings and researching materials to support the reading. I am starting to like this learning on your own as I find things stick with me more. Nonetheless, it is a hard change to get use to.


As I read others post, they are in the same boat as me with all the new technologies and experience the same struggles as I have with trying to be innovative. I enjoyed reading Megan’s post about being innovative and I took a few minutes to respond to her. I noticed Gary also interacted with her. Again this week, I read Gary’s blog I was reminded about the important points this week. I interacted with him as well.  I also enjoyed reading Scott’s blog.


Another thing I did this week was reviewing the students’ wikis. I found this to be a daunting task because I panicked. My darn panicking causes things to be way too difficult. Once, I was redirected by Mary I discovered I was able to log on to the Wikis and review them. I am still in the process of filling out my final thoughts. I realized in my initial responses that they were weak. I am really struggling with this concept. I think it is such a difficult task, because I feel that they all did a great job. I am impressed with the technical skills of these students. Once, I wrap that up I can submit shortly.





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