Blog 12

Blog 12


This week was a busy week for the group. Again, I was a step behind everyone and having to back track in order to keep up. This week the team held a few meetings in order to get it all done. Gary did a fantastic job reading the script on Voicethread. I greatly appreciate his willingness to lead the group and work in the collective. Brandi worked really hard on ensuring the standards were integrated thoughout the game. She said this was a challenging task. I appreciate her hard efforts as well.


With the help of team members pictures were emailed for the anime, and a presentation was created with background music and narration. The group discussed ways in which to “hook”students of all ages or at least a larger range of students.


I love how we were able to share the process via emails. Technology is a great thing when it is working. I would love to have realiable Internet at all times. During the process I was in agreement with everything that was done. I especially had to be as I was not feeling comfortable with the process. I was so uncomfortable I was not feeling equipped to pass this class successfully and thought about dropping it.


Again, althought this was the last step, there was a lot of confusion in the process and it was clarified in the Twitter session. Many others were feeling like I was and had the Twitter session to clarify it. I never really was understanding where we were going and that was my fault for letting myself get nervous about the unknown.


This project is a great example of learning in the collective at its best and I would love to see the game move on to the next stage. At this point, I am not sure if I would be able to continue. I am thinking I need to take a break from classes. Or maybe even just take one class because I was taking two and that might be one too many while teaching and living life.



Blog 11

Blog 11


This has been a whirlwhind experience for me because I was not sure what was going on and had a lot of things going on personally and professionally. However, I was able to read the emails and was thankful to have such a great leader, Gary. I really appreciate him. We worked on developing a game proposal and decided it would be delivered via ” Voicethread” much like a movie trailor. I guess you can call it a game trailor.


This was a daunting task trying to create this. It took me long time to read the book and even just watching the video took time. It is very complex and requires us to open up our minds in a different way. I got the impression from others that they also found this to be a creative and challenging process. However, in the end, everyone was happy with the outcome. I would have given up but was forced to continue with this project due to missing deadlines. I wish I had followed my own initial advice and continued with the project without letting myself get overwhelmed. Sometimes, I get anxious not knowing what to expect and this was something among other things that I was feeling I could not handle. In hindsite, it was evident that everyone else was feeling like me and the goal was just to get it done. And viola it was done with team efforts.   Others thought the same as I did and after meeting they felt better. I had missed a meeting because I did not keep up on emails. I had planned on making it, but the school locked up for vacation and I was out internet. Just recently dropped the internet at home because of a few huge monthly bills.


I have come to the conclusion I have to learn how to handle this style of learning—learning in the collective. I really enjoy this style of learning and I need to learn how to manage and correctly get things done. It was way out of my comfort zone, but after reading other blogs it was also how others were feeling. The Twitter session verified that others were also feeling the same way and helped to clarify what was expected.


During this Twiter session Scott’s questions he had created for Brandi helped Brandi realized we needed to have standards interwoven into the game. She brought this to our groups’ attention and it was decided we needed to have standards. As teachers we all agree that we would need to have standards in order to use the game. Now this was a challenge to think about. The game is turning out fantastic and is aiming at multi-grade usage. The outline for the presenation needs to be outlined and submitted.


Gary was a great leader. He claims everyone participated but I felt like he was the rock in the group. I was lost and would be back tracking looking at what he had done and would use his work for direction. I also appreciated his willingness to get things done and collaborate via email. He developed a script and was elected to read the script. His script he wrote with the help of other team members is awesome. This was a challenging task and I felt like it definitely took the form of The Hunger Games.


I received and read the numerous emails from my group members. It was a labor intensive process just keeping up with emails. I really appreciate how Gary was willing to put it together so that it would get done. During this meeting the team decided to email him pictures of the anime characters. He would eventually get back to us in order to pull it all together. I appreciate everyones’ hardwork.



Week 10

Week 10 Blog


My team met on March 26th with the direction of Gary in order to conceptualize the game we would be proposing. My team consists of Brandi, Gary, Sara Hartman, Keri, and Leslie. In this meeting it was decided that the team was going to use voice thread and that members would look up pictures for the anime characters in the game. It was decided that later on we would meet to discuss whatever else was needed after Gary worked on putting it together.Unlike others at the meeting, I do not game. This is a whole new world to me as I do not even hang around gamers. My son is 4 and has only shown interest in board games.


One thing I realized from this process is I need to be tied to my emails so that I could collaborate better. I wish we had all exchanged cell phone numbers so that we could send out text messages to meet. I should have been a more active member and decided to do that. We could have had conference calls and done that. I know for me being where I am at the Internet is not always the easiest way to to do things. I was thinking others would enjoy cmmuniticating more through their phones. Thinking back this is one way, I would have communicated in order to make it easier. My phone travels everywhere with me and services works on the island.  



I found myself looking at standards and wondering how to integrate it into a game that was not something I necessarily created as I was not the brains behind it—that was not an easy process. In the end I realized gaming was not an easy task. I find Coverage2 Age of Awakening 2 an awesome project considering most of our background and that the one who decided to lead the pack was also much like myself and had little gaming experience. Kudos to Gary!


Week 9 Reflection

Blog 9 Reflection


I found myself very overwhelmed. I had participated and read blogs but never responded until much later. At the time I felt like Gary did. I really am still confused. I feel like I understand gaming is and will play a huge role in education. I just think this was a huge jump from knowing nothing to really delving into something I had little experience with. I appreciate how willing everyone is to working with me. However, I feel that after reading the blogs I am not the only one in this situation of feeling the frustration.  


I did decide to look at Nicole’s blog because I thought she would have a different outlook. I worked with her in the past and found that she was always willing to give things a shot. She is a driven young lady and you can tell she pushed this course and enjoyed everything she has done so far. I was appreciative of her work ethic. Thank-you Nicole.


I also found myself researching game mechanics. And again felt like I had nothing to add. Although I found there are cheap programs out there. I can not afford to pay for the programs. I can try trial periods but do not feel like it is worth the time because I doubt I can convince the district to buy the programs. I am hoping to read other blogs that have solutions to my dilemma.

Blog 9

Week Nine Overview

Essential Question: What are the challenges in shifting content from “what” to “where” and “how”?


Summary of discussion, I noticed from the wiki pages and other blogs others were just as unfamiliar with game mechanics as I was. I do believe at this point this is “where” we would have to have someone who can teach us hands on how to build and use games. I am so lost it causes me some serious frustration. In order to effectively complete this class with the expectations I would need more time to thoroughly research this topic.

Also this weeks essential question on it’s own is difficult. I honestly do not know where to begin with on how to answer this question because I am unsure of this myself.


With the increase in technology we have found that it is quicker and at times should be easier to get to the “what” and “where” but we have to decide on what means of technology we are going to use to get to the “how”. H


I find that there are some things the “what” that we just have to teach. We have to teach are multiplication tables by rote memory in order to get to the “where”. I know that I want to get them to a certain place in math but it requires knowing certain knowledge the, “what” in order to develop the critical higher level thinking skills. According to Concordia University online rote memory is needed and is not able to be taught any other way in order to get to the higher level thinking skills. In the past I have not been as successful with teaching my students in the upper grades their basic math facts. This year I decided I would devote a bunch of time to learning and memorizing basic math facts so that we could move on to more complex math ideas. After coming to the end of the school year, I believe that this was the right idea. I find that my students are really becoming successful in math and I have brought them to “where” I wanted to be with them educationally. “How” did we get to “where” I wanted them to be?


Well, in terms of developing their math skills I used technology to help me teach their basic math facts. We used Youtube videos by have fun teaching to memorize their multiplication facts by skip counting. To learn their addition and subtraction facts we used online manipulatives to get a better understanding. The “how” really impacted the “what” and “where” of my teaching. I really believe we are still teaching the same concepts the “what” but it is on “how” we approach it to get to “where” we want to be.


I have found the Internet to be a friendly teaching tool. I agree that sometimes it is hard to figure out “where” the information is but once we have that it is all about figuring out “how” we are going to use the information. Thomas and Born (2011) state that, “In the twenty-first century, knowledge is becoming less a question of ‘What is the information?’ and more of a ‘Where is the information?” (p. 91). I agree because this can be the challenging task. As a teacher, I find myself spending a considerable amount of time looking up ways to teach my kids. However, once I have it the computer and Internet has become a friendly device for storing and saving the information. So again my challenging is “how” am I going to approach it. I say it is the “how” because I know there is plenty if information out there but I spend so much time figuring out “where” it is at in order to get the “what” taught.


I know that I am more effective when using technology because it shows in my students performance. I plan to continue using technology to get the “hows”, “whats” and “wheres” of teaching completed.





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Week 7 Reflection

This week I spent time looking and responding to the blogs of Gary, Brandi and Scott. I was a bit puzzled by this weeks essential question. I found myself giving up at times even though I was the reminding others that it is all about breathing and relaxing and embracing this style of learning.

I found that when reading through others blogs I was not the only one sure on how to answer this. I found a bunch of responses in how we all responded differently to the essential question. It was refreshing to see that we all took different outlooks on the essential question.

I posted a few of the articles I had read and found online while I was sitting at the airport.  And in my extreme frustration with the class because I was feeling lost and overwhelmed I found myself liking the class. I think one of my biggest challenges with the class is trying to get everything done on my computer device. I find that once I really start to get going and I have a bunch of tabs open on my computer I will get the spinning ball of death. Yikes!! However, I find reading other post helps me to get through this class.

Blog 8 Reflection

Week 8 Reflection


Although, I am late on posting my blogs I did interact with others. I had interacted with Gary and Scott. I had posted on their comments about learning in the collective. I really appreciated what Gary had to say. I find that I really agree with what he has to say.  Scott seems to be ahead of the game in terms of understanding technology. I like to read his only to get a fresh perspective. I like that he is able to take on this challenge of using the Internet and all the resources out there.


I also spent some time trying to review games. I watched a view of the videos to finish learn how to review the games. I found the videos very helpful. Thanks for posting the videos.


Originally, I had posted a few of the articles I had found on twitter. This was quite a few weeks ago as I am late with posting my reflection. I had written both the reflection and blog but had lost them on my computer. So after not being able to drop the class, I am frantically working to get stuff done on Easter weekend.  


I was hoping to find the articles and just post them. Not my luck this has been a difficult year for me in terms of getting things done. I appreciate learning in the collective though, because I believe it is the way in which we are going on and I am a part of something bigger. I am certain this is the way in which education will be going. I love that we can collaborate in ways never before thought to have been possible and at the same time learning as much as possible within with human realm of things. I love it!