Blog 8 Reflection

Week 8 Reflection


Although, I am late on posting my blogs I did interact with others. I had interacted with Gary and Scott. I had posted on their comments about learning in the collective. I really appreciated what Gary had to say. I find that I really agree with what he has to say.  Scott seems to be ahead of the game in terms of understanding technology. I like to read his only to get a fresh perspective. I like that he is able to take on this challenge of using the Internet and all the resources out there.


I also spent some time trying to review games. I watched a view of the videos to finish learn how to review the games. I found the videos very helpful. Thanks for posting the videos.


Originally, I had posted a few of the articles I had found on twitter. This was quite a few weeks ago as I am late with posting my reflection. I had written both the reflection and blog but had lost them on my computer. So after not being able to drop the class, I am frantically working to get stuff done on Easter weekend.  


I was hoping to find the articles and just post them. Not my luck this has been a difficult year for me in terms of getting things done. I appreciate learning in the collective though, because I believe it is the way in which we are going on and I am a part of something bigger. I am certain this is the way in which education will be going. I love that we can collaborate in ways never before thought to have been possible and at the same time learning as much as possible within with human realm of things. I love it!


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