Blog 9

Week Nine Overview

Essential Question: What are the challenges in shifting content from “what” to “where” and “how”?


Summary of discussion, I noticed from the wiki pages and other blogs others were just as unfamiliar with game mechanics as I was. I do believe at this point this is “where” we would have to have someone who can teach us hands on how to build and use games. I am so lost it causes me some serious frustration. In order to effectively complete this class with the expectations I would need more time to thoroughly research this topic.

Also this weeks essential question on it’s own is difficult. I honestly do not know where to begin with on how to answer this question because I am unsure of this myself.


With the increase in technology we have found that it is quicker and at times should be easier to get to the “what” and “where” but we have to decide on what means of technology we are going to use to get to the “how”. H


I find that there are some things the “what” that we just have to teach. We have to teach are multiplication tables by rote memory in order to get to the “where”. I know that I want to get them to a certain place in math but it requires knowing certain knowledge the, “what” in order to develop the critical higher level thinking skills. According to Concordia University online rote memory is needed and is not able to be taught any other way in order to get to the higher level thinking skills. In the past I have not been as successful with teaching my students in the upper grades their basic math facts. This year I decided I would devote a bunch of time to learning and memorizing basic math facts so that we could move on to more complex math ideas. After coming to the end of the school year, I believe that this was the right idea. I find that my students are really becoming successful in math and I have brought them to “where” I wanted to be with them educationally. “How” did we get to “where” I wanted them to be?


Well, in terms of developing their math skills I used technology to help me teach their basic math facts. We used Youtube videos by have fun teaching to memorize their multiplication facts by skip counting. To learn their addition and subtraction facts we used online manipulatives to get a better understanding. The “how” really impacted the “what” and “where” of my teaching. I really believe we are still teaching the same concepts the “what” but it is on “how” we approach it to get to “where” we want to be.


I have found the Internet to be a friendly teaching tool. I agree that sometimes it is hard to figure out “where” the information is but once we have that it is all about figuring out “how” we are going to use the information. Thomas and Born (2011) state that, “In the twenty-first century, knowledge is becoming less a question of ‘What is the information?’ and more of a ‘Where is the information?” (p. 91). I agree because this can be the challenging task. As a teacher, I find myself spending a considerable amount of time looking up ways to teach my kids. However, once I have it the computer and Internet has become a friendly device for storing and saving the information. So again my challenging is “how” am I going to approach it. I say it is the “how” because I know there is plenty if information out there but I spend so much time figuring out “where” it is at in order to get the “what” taught.


I know that I am more effective when using technology because it shows in my students performance. I plan to continue using technology to get the “hows”, “whats” and “wheres” of teaching completed.





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