Week 10

Week 10 Blog


My team met on March 26th with the direction of Gary in order to conceptualize the game we would be proposing. My team consists of Brandi, Gary, Sara Hartman, Keri, and Leslie. In this meeting it was decided that the team was going to use voice thread and that members would look up pictures for the anime characters in the game. It was decided that later on we would meet to discuss whatever else was needed after Gary worked on putting it together.Unlike others at the meeting, I do not game. This is a whole new world to me as I do not even hang around gamers. My son is 4 and has only shown interest in board games.


One thing I realized from this process is I need to be tied to my emails so that I could collaborate better. I wish we had all exchanged cell phone numbers so that we could send out text messages to meet. I should have been a more active member and decided to do that. We could have had conference calls and done that. I know for me being where I am at the Internet is not always the easiest way to to do things. I was thinking others would enjoy cmmuniticating more through their phones. Thinking back this is one way, I would have communicated in order to make it easier. My phone travels everywhere with me and services works on the island.  



I found myself looking at standards and wondering how to integrate it into a game that was not something I necessarily created as I was not the brains behind it—that was not an easy process. In the end I realized gaming was not an easy task. I find Coverage2 Age of Awakening 2 an awesome project considering most of our background and that the one who decided to lead the pack was also much like myself and had little gaming experience. Kudos to Gary!



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