Week 7 Reflection

This week I spent time looking and responding to the blogs of Gary, Brandi and Scott. I was a bit puzzled by this weeks essential question. I found myself giving up at times even though I was the reminding others that it is all about breathing and relaxing and embracing this style of learning.

I found that when reading through others blogs I was not the only one sure on how to answer this. I found a bunch of responses in how we all responded differently to the essential question. It was refreshing to see that we all took different outlooks on the essential question.

I posted a few of the articles I had read and found online while I was sitting at the airport.  And in my extreme frustration with the class because I was feeling lost and overwhelmed I found myself liking the class. I think one of my biggest challenges with the class is trying to get everything done on my computer device. I find that once I really start to get going and I have a bunch of tabs open on my computer I will get the spinning ball of death. Yikes!! However, I find reading other post helps me to get through this class.


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