Week 9 Reflection

Blog 9 Reflection


I found myself very overwhelmed. I had participated and read blogs but never responded until much later. At the time I felt like Gary did. I really am still confused. I feel like I understand gaming is and will play a huge role in education. I just think this was a huge jump from knowing nothing to really delving into something I had little experience with. I appreciate how willing everyone is to working with me. However, I feel that after reading the blogs I am not the only one in this situation of feeling the frustration.  


I did decide to look at Nicole’s blog because I thought she would have a different outlook. I worked with her in the past and found that she was always willing to give things a shot. She is a driven young lady and you can tell she pushed this course and enjoyed everything she has done so far. I was appreciative of her work ethic. Thank-you Nicole.


I also found myself researching game mechanics. And again felt like I had nothing to add. Although I found there are cheap programs out there. I can not afford to pay for the programs. I can try trial periods but do not feel like it is worth the time because I doubt I can convince the district to buy the programs. I am hoping to read other blogs that have solutions to my dilemma.


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