Blog 11

Blog 11


This has been a whirlwhind experience for me because I was not sure what was going on and had a lot of things going on personally and professionally. However, I was able to read the emails and was thankful to have such a great leader, Gary. I really appreciate him. We worked on developing a game proposal and decided it would be delivered via ” Voicethread” much like a movie trailor. I guess you can call it a game trailor.


This was a daunting task trying to create this. It took me long time to read the book and even just watching the video took time. It is very complex and requires us to open up our minds in a different way. I got the impression from others that they also found this to be a creative and challenging process. However, in the end, everyone was happy with the outcome. I would have given up but was forced to continue with this project due to missing deadlines. I wish I had followed my own initial advice and continued with the project without letting myself get overwhelmed. Sometimes, I get anxious not knowing what to expect and this was something among other things that I was feeling I could not handle. In hindsite, it was evident that everyone else was feeling like me and the goal was just to get it done. And viola it was done with team efforts.   Others thought the same as I did and after meeting they felt better. I had missed a meeting because I did not keep up on emails. I had planned on making it, but the school locked up for vacation and I was out internet. Just recently dropped the internet at home because of a few huge monthly bills.


I have come to the conclusion I have to learn how to handle this style of learning—learning in the collective. I really enjoy this style of learning and I need to learn how to manage and correctly get things done. It was way out of my comfort zone, but after reading other blogs it was also how others were feeling. The Twitter session verified that others were also feeling the same way and helped to clarify what was expected.


During this Twiter session Scott’s questions he had created for Brandi helped Brandi realized we needed to have standards interwoven into the game. She brought this to our groups’ attention and it was decided we needed to have standards. As teachers we all agree that we would need to have standards in order to use the game. Now this was a challenge to think about. The game is turning out fantastic and is aiming at multi-grade usage. The outline for the presenation needs to be outlined and submitted.


Gary was a great leader. He claims everyone participated but I felt like he was the rock in the group. I was lost and would be back tracking looking at what he had done and would use his work for direction. I also appreciated his willingness to get things done and collaborate via email. He developed a script and was elected to read the script. His script he wrote with the help of other team members is awesome. This was a challenging task and I felt like it definitely took the form of The Hunger Games.


I received and read the numerous emails from my group members. It was a labor intensive process just keeping up with emails. I really appreciate how Gary was willing to put it together so that it would get done. During this meeting the team decided to email him pictures of the anime characters. He would eventually get back to us in order to pull it all together. I appreciate everyones’ hardwork.




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