Blog 12

Blog 12


This week was a busy week for the group. Again, I was a step behind everyone and having to back track in order to keep up. This week the team held a few meetings in order to get it all done. Gary did a fantastic job reading the script on Voicethread. I greatly appreciate his willingness to lead the group and work in the collective. Brandi worked really hard on ensuring the standards were integrated thoughout the game. She said this was a challenging task. I appreciate her hard efforts as well.


With the help of team members pictures were emailed for the anime, and a presentation was created with background music and narration. The group discussed ways in which to “hook”students of all ages or at least a larger range of students.


I love how we were able to share the process via emails. Technology is a great thing when it is working. I would love to have realiable Internet at all times. During the process I was in agreement with everything that was done. I especially had to be as I was not feeling comfortable with the process. I was so uncomfortable I was not feeling equipped to pass this class successfully and thought about dropping it.


Again, althought this was the last step, there was a lot of confusion in the process and it was clarified in the Twitter session. Many others were feeling like I was and had the Twitter session to clarify it. I never really was understanding where we were going and that was my fault for letting myself get nervous about the unknown.


This project is a great example of learning in the collective at its best and I would love to see the game move on to the next stage. At this point, I am not sure if I would be able to continue. I am thinking I need to take a break from classes. Or maybe even just take one class because I was taking two and that might be one too many while teaching and living life.



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