Week 4-Reflection: Group Project

This week was a challenging week to take on the class. In the midst of trying to get everyday stuff done, I had a vast amount of personal challenges along the way. I’m happy to say it is almost midnight on this Sunday and I just got my youngest one to sleep, which means I can write my reflection.


After a long weekend, I find the reflection part of this class to be almost therapeutic. It is a time to reflect upon the discoveries and learning experiences I have so diligently made this week. I was late at joining the class so I was playing catch-up. To do so, I started with creating a blog space for myself at WordPress. I wrestled with getting my name and blog address on the correct blog-roll. In a panic to make sure I joined a group, I joined group one for the group projects hoping they would be okay with the newbie.


Not wanting to appear like I was slacker. I decided to tackle the group project as soon as I could with correspondence with Dr. Lee Graham. I was feeling a bit unsure about what I was doing, but I planned to take her advice and trust I was on the right track. My next step in the group project was to create a Wikispace, which I later shared with the group.


The first correspondence I had with my group was through emails. Jules was very proactive about contacting all of us. She had us all join Slack, a program that is still fairly new to me. Because of her enthusiasm for the program, I look forward to using it in the future. This time around our group decided to meet in Ghangouts. Although before this meeting I thought I had a game plan, I ended it with a whole new game plan. This game plan was to not be broad and be very specific with the disability. We decided, as a group, not to break up the question by disabilities and instead tried to break up the question by specific aspects of a specific disability. Although, I was not certain we were on the right track, I found this meeting to be very educational. Kendra was more than willing to share her wealth of knowledge and Ray was a great leader.


After a day passed, I decided to work on the group project before checking my email. I went to the school to research. I printed off some work to read at home. Then after spending hours reading and getting ready to add to my group project, I find out that I am on the wrong path. Jules decided to double check with Dr. Graham if we were on the right track with the group project. It turns out we weren’t. Although at the time I was not happy to hear what Jules had to say, I do appreciate her making sure we were doing it correctly. Just about an hour later, we met again on Saturday afternoon for a brief period just to make sure we were all on the right path. Yahoo! We were! Go team!


Today I finished up on last minute research and reviewing the deadlines. One thing I almost overlooked was inviting Dr. Graham to our Wikispace. I believe that was one of my final steps for the day other than tweeting about this blog after I am done.


My final thoughts for the night are that I am impressed with technology and my fellow classmates wealth of knowledge; because of both we were able to collaborate and learn a tremendous amount despite our busy lifestyles.


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