Week 5 Reflection

This week was a much smoother week in terms of both my outcomes as an individual student and as a student in a group.  Last week, I frantically had joined the class and chose a group to participate in. Instead of pacing myself and believing I was on the right track–I panicked. I found that I had a hard time working independently as well as in a group. My mode of panic could have been because I was unfamiliar with the lingo that was taught the weeks prior to joining the class.  However with due diligence to get up to par with educational requirements, I feel that I am on track and ready to learn what this course has to offer.


To ensure that I got on track, I knew I needed to start this week of with a new game plan.  So I made sure to start reading and working on this week’s project as soon as Monday started. I sent out a group email Monday morning trying to set up a group meeting time, or if nothing else to remind all my group members of the upcoming project, which might have been too soon for some. I also sent out an email specifically to Kendra in regards to the upcoming twitter session. Both her and I will be hosting the Monday, February 20th, 2017 session. In fact, she let me know it was just a bit too soon for her. Understandingly, I could relate to needing more time to get things accomplished so I backed off.  I was happy I was persistent about getting the Twitter session questions started, because it turns out I was on the wrong track. My questions were not geared towards Week 5 questions. I was pleased with the quick response from Lee letting me know I was a bit off with my questions.


While waiting for a response from my group members, I created the Wikispace pages for the 10 assistive technologies. I sent an email out to everyone that I would be starting on Speech to Text just to get a running start on the project. I knew I would have to get a running head start because I had a busy weekend ahead of me.  


Eventually we met as a group in Ghangouts where we divided the roles. I was pleased with the collaboration and team efforts. The members of my group were fantastic and very cooperative.  Ray stayed on our group meeting longer so that he could catch Kenda up who was a bit late due to traffic. Our short meeting was nicely loaded with information on assistive technologies from all of us. I am pleased to be working in a group with others who are just as eager about learning.


Even with taking precautionary measures to make sure I had enough time in the week to stay on task, life gets to you at times. I was dealing with an unforeseen virus that hit my family as well as experiencing a layover at the wrestling tournament. I figure I will be taking this Monday off of work in order to get my Twitter session questions done for hosting and more importantly to nurse myself back to health.


In the end, even with road bumps, my new game plan proved fruitful in that I felt satisfied with my efforts and learning outcomes as an educator pursuing higher education. Our group project can be found at the following link:http://ed637wk4group1.wikispaces.com/



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