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Essential Question: What is the appropriateness of (the software you choose) to your students, your classroom, and your unit?


The software I chose to review is Kahoot an online gaming system that will allow me to assess and review learning concepts throughout my unit and adjust accordingly to the results of the data. This is a simple tool with a plethora of options to help meet my students’ learning needs.


First and foremost, it has a major buy in factor! It is extremely engaging and is something I plan to continue using beyond my unit. I will use it throughout my unit to assess what students need to review and how to how effective the learning was. They love the program.


At this point, I think I can safely say that I love this program as well.  I really like how simple and intuitive the program is for both the operator and user. It is very user-friendly, but, most importantly, it is extremely engaging. I have no problem transitioning from one period to the next when I use this to start the class. It changes my kids’ attitude about math class.  One of the best comments I heard, “was it lunch time already”, because usually my students are grumbling that they are hungry.


Another thing I learned, is it is a great assessment tool. Although I originally planned on using it for review, it gave me great insight to what my students really knew at the time.  To my surprise while using this program, I learned that my students had not known the content as well as I had thought. At first I thought it could have been a discrepancy in data due to their enthusiasm about the program. So with that being said, I tried other ways to test their knowledge and come to find out they were not as skilled as I believed. They were not transferring their knowledge to all situations a goal in the Universal by Designs standards. I need to revisit those topics I tested out when I used this software. I definitely see this as a great resource for my UbD unit I will be planning on math.


It is setup to easily ask numerous math concepts because of the tool bar with math symbols readily available and the pre-made lessons shared by other teachers. I am still debating as to what topics I will be teaching in the unit. With that being said, I have browsed the possible unit topics and it appears there are numerous useful pre-made Kahoots that would be beneficial to myself, my students, and to my unit. I love it!


Furthermore, it was easily accessible from my district’s servers and on the devices my students have. All my students have their own student laptop so I tried this from their laptop. However, I have wondered how this game will change if I tried it from their own personal device such as their phone. I wonder if they would like this more. It is something I plan to ask them very soon.

Since it is available on any device. I thought about trying an extra credit homework assignment where I have my kids review simple concepts at a certain time. I am thinking about trying it soon. I know for a fact all of my kids have a cell phone. I think this might be a fun way to sneak in review that is done as homework. I look forward to designing this so it can happen. To pull it off, I might have all of my students and myself set their alarms on their phones to 5 minutes prior than beginning. Who knows it just  might be FUN!

Kahoot is something I plan to use beyond this assignment for WK7. It has awakened the love of technology I once had because of the simple effort it takes to get my students engaged and learning while allowing me to assess and ensure students are getting the best education possible. Technology is awesome!



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