Week 7 Reflection

It is Sunday evening and it is time to reflect. It has been such a busy weekend that I wrestled with the idea of writing my reflection tomorrow morning. My only goal tonight is to get good sleep and the only way that is happening is if I get my deadlines done.


So reflecting on this week, I am happy to report it was a very successful week. I was able to read and post on a few blogs throughout the week. It was a bit challenging to learn from others when they are not meeting deadlines. That frustration fueled part of my drive to get my work in on time.  


Nonetheless, I was able to find a few blogs early on in the week. One of the first post I read about was Kendra’s on Nearpod. I was pleased to see she reviewed Nearpod, because it is something I am very interested in. I was just a tad bit overwhelmed with it, to comfortable review it. I do plan to overlook. The next person I chatted with was Mariah if I am remembering correctly. To my benefit, she also reviewed Nearpod. I learned different aspects from Nearpod from her. So with the combination of the two I was feeling like I had a better feel for the program as well as a deepened desire to explore it.  I also communicated with one more lady who was also reviewing Nearpod.


With so many choosing Nearpod, I am definitely going to be checking this out more. I also plan to read more blogs by tomorrow to see what other’s found of value. One thing I plan to do is review some Youtube videos on this topic. Just saying that very phrase is telling me that education is changing. I know how I learn and within a few clicks of my keys I am learning. It is amazing how much this class has opened my eyes up to new possibilities with technology. This week I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a video on education in the United States which I could really relate to. This video pointed out how everything in the world has changed but for the most part schools are still using the same one size fits all policy which does not work. I couldn’t agree more and I am glad I am doing something about making sure I am not following through with the old mentality.


I plan to take what I learn about technology to help create DI. I really enjoyed this week’s blog assignment, because I am learning about teacher tested resources. The blogs gave me great insight to popular resources such as Nearpod. I look forward to the weeks to come, because I know each week I am improving greatly as an educator. Yahoo!


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