Week 9 Reflection

This week was my Spring Break and it was anything from a break, but that is life with kids of your own. Do to a few things that have arose I am struggling to get things turned in on time. However, I am going to make as many deadlines as possible. Although, I am not quite finished with my UbD unit I decided to get my reflection finished while I have time. God knows this is a rare occurrence lately with illnesses and a toddler.


To begin with what I have learned this week, one of the most shocking parts for me is that I was way off on my transfer goals, essential questions, and understandings. Currently, that is the part that I am struggling with. However, for the most part I feel like my unit is reflective of nice well designed unit, but now I need to get the wording down so that my  transfer goals, essential questions, and understandings meet the requirements. That is something I planned to work on into the later hours of tonight if I have to, even if I am running on fumes.


Both my boys have ended up in the emergency room back to back. I spent most of my time watching my infant and nursing my kids back to health. Any spare time I have used reading others’ blogs. I enjoyed reading Mariah, Kendra, Jules, and Chelsea’s blogs. Although, everyone did a fantastic job with their planning of their assessments, I really feel like Jules and Mariah taught me something. Or maybe it was Chelsea in terms of her ability to make authentic assessments and her passion and dedication to it. I found it inspiring and I plan to springboard off of her drive to be a better teacher.
Most importantly this week I learned the importance of knowing how to assess and why I should be assessing. I am feeling better about assessments and even a little eager to be better at assessing my students. I look forward to reaping the benefits of the intelligently planning assessments and using them to guide my instruction so that students are benefitting the most.


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