Week 11

To begin this week, I decided to print off all of my materials I needed for the unit and organize them in order of use. I spent some time reviewing how I was going to assess and came up with a game plan on how I would be assisting those who needed it. It is very important to note that the class I am working with has two aids allowing for a very small student to teacher ratio. There are 3 adults to 10 kids. We have been working closely with them to get them back on track.


A lot of my lessons are planned out like this, except I spend less time documenting the success. Most of the documentation comes from formal assessments such as NWEA maps testing or Skills Navigator. Because there is such a small ratio of students per adult this is really an easy unit to pull of with the help of technology assisted lessons. To aid in the assessment process I use Apple Remote Desktop to monitor students successes and struggles, but also as a classroom management tool so I know students are using their computers appropriately. When students know I am viewing their laptops they are more prone to stay on task. So I usually project all screens on the overhead. It is nearly impossible to identify students because the screens are so small, but it aids in classroom management.   I am not sure how successful this unit would be without since the majority of the lessons are done on IXL.


On day 1 of the lesson I was able to successfully follow through with the lesson plan. I found that from the test assessment students needed to work on these skills. I also gave the authentic pre-assessment and students were so overwhelmed with it at first like I had thought they would be. I explained that the intent of passing this out was to show them the final expectation I had of them. I used it as a teaching opportunity to explain how to complete these types of authentic assessment. Let’s just say, from my students’ responses I need to provide more opportunities for students to have authentic assessments.  Part of their responses also could have been because they knew so little about the content. Nonetheless, it was a great teaching experience and I am happy I added it in on day 1 so students know the final expectations.


After doing my initial assessments, I read a short picture book called The Fly on the Ceiling and students responded well to this. I did a quick poll after reading whether students liked learning this way and all students raised their hands in approval. Then students ended the day with a self-assessment checklist, This was great–out of all my students they all felt like they had a general understanding of the items I was checking for. Yahoo!!!


I started day 2 with a Studyjams lesson on Ordered Pairs. Then followed it with a Coordinate Plane song from Youtube. Students expressed their liking of the song. My next part of the lesson was to use Kahoot as a review and assessment tool. This allowed me to review anything that needed to be reviewed based on student results and assess who needed help. My students loved this program and were engaged the entire time. After we spent some time working on interactive math journals. Once finished I gave them time to work on IXL-in which they were able to pick their levels from a wide range of coordinate activities. I encouraged them to level up or down based on their learning needs. To my surprise, students are very good at gauging where they should be at. Students expressed their liking of this program. I ended the day with a short checklist assessment of the learning targets. I was able to identify 2 students who needed some clarification. My plan was to work with these two students briefly the next day when students were independently working on IXL.


Day 3 went smoother than the previous days as students were eager to get onto IXL. I started with a math video to hook them. Then did a short mini-lesson on how to graph using coordinate points. Then I provided the links with the leveled coordinate art assignments. I had students chose from all the ranges or IXL as an option. I realized students love options, because I had all options in use. For assessing today it was an informal activity performed by using the Life Size Coordinate Plane I created in the classroom. I loved this activity because I was able to quickly see who understand and help those immediately who were confused. I had about 2 students who needed help.


By day 4 I am feeling pretty successful because I am able to see all the smart scores on IXL and see how far students are getting and which ones need help. To my surprise those students who started at lower levels tended to fly through the subsequent levels. I also had students who were logged on working before class started. They were so eager to check off IXL assignments from their IXL checklist. I even learned from students that they worked on assignments outside of class which made me realize they are enjoying these online assignments. Yahoo!!!! I began the day with hooking them with a Coordinate Song from Youtube and playing Kahoot for review and assessment. Students had time to independently work on IXL.  At this point I took the lesson on coordinate geometry further by discussing how to plot points on in using real world situations. I had students plot themselves on the Life Size Coordinate plane. To assess their learning I created exit slips that required them to plot themselves on the Life Size Coordinate Plane. At this point I was able to clarify any misconceptions.


I begun day 5 asking them if they were liking how I was approaching math and the overall consensus was yes. They like it much better than following the textbook. Although, I am following the same content, I am approaching it much differently. I started out with the same Coordinate Plane song for a hook. Spent time reviewing function tables and using the Life Size Coordinate plane to graph those function tables based off of real life situations. Student enjoyed this activity. We spent some time having a group discussion about what type of real life situations could be graphed using a function table. With the remaining time students begin working on IXL. To my surprise students were finishing more than one activity. During this time I would monitor students by their smart score and tries attempted to identify who needed help.  After this day, I realized I might add one extra day into the unit to discuss graphing function tables on the coordinate plane. I learned from the students self assessment list that they were struggling with graphing with function tables.


Overall, I am feeling great about my students’ successes this week and the daily assessments and leveled choices make me feel as though I am better reaching students’ potential and allowing them to grow at their comfort level. Yahoo for technology and DI!  UbD is a model I will strive for in the future. It was proposed to me that since I do such a good job with remedial math classes that I might have two of them next year. With this model and ways of approaching DI with technology I am feeling confident about taking on the challenge!  I love furthering my education to better assist my students.


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