Week 12 Reflection

Week 12


So I started this week feeling overwhelmed and that feeling only heightened as the weekend approached. To relieve some of my anxiety, I had to email Dr. Marylee Graham to see if I was on the right track. It just felt like I had so much going while feeling tired that I became very unsure of myself. I really appreciated the timely response from her because I was able to relax this weekend knowing I was on the right track.


I took Friday off of work so I was able to periodically check and read through others’ blogs. I really do appreciate those of you who can get your blogs done as soon as possible. Heaven knows I try! Lately, it feels like I am sitting frantically behind my computer pushing the midnight deadline wishing I was sleeping instead. I tried my best to make this a relaxing weekend, so I could regain myself. I did get to read over quite a few blogs. I really enjoy being able to learn like this. It allows us to pursue higher education in a way that allows us to be successful because it is so accessible. Whenever I have time I can log in and spend a few minutes on my class. Being a working mother means time is limited so I really enjoy this format.


Since I find this setup to be very accommodating and helpful I was a little surprised to read a comment about how this blogging format might be considered a little something of the past or something to that effect. However it was in regards to how students chose to learn and that is an approach I haven’t quite tinkered with. Throughout this class I was inspired to try journal entries online, however, I never did have students set up a blog. I am really curious to see how it would turn out though, but a little apprehensive because it sounds like students don’t really like to blog. Nevertheless, I will probably try it when the time is right. I almost feel like students might take their work more seriously if they know it is going to be published. It is important to note that I might work with older students since I am middle school which this format might not be as appealing to younger elementary students.


Although I was sorry to read Kendra was feeling overwhelmed I was also comforted knowing I was not alone in my frenzy to get stuff done this week. It really was super overwhelming to me. I also had a chance to comment on Chelsea’s blog and read what other’s commented. I could relate to both of these ladies. I was much like Chelsea in feeling like how do I document this. One thing I realized and stated in my comments is I forgot to take lots of pictures and screenshots. These pictures and screenshots would have helped me tremendously in finishing my reflection piece. Although I did get some pictures, in retrospect I am wishing I had taken more. The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is so true. I know now it is going to take me longer to reflect, but I was too into my lessons at the time to stop and take pictures. I blame my engrossment in the fact that I had such a well planned unit, because things were flowing and students were engaged.


I’d like to end this week with saying that researched based strategies are really worth trying. I plan to promote using the Ubd design and Di with technology approach with my colleagues. I also look forward to reading this week’s upcoming blogs and meeting together for one last meeting. It is a little bittersweet because I am enjoying becoming a better teacher. However, I am ready for a short break before starting right back at it this summer. Kudos to all of you pursuing higher education!


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