Week 1 Reflection

This week I found myself feeling frantically busy! I am trying to play catch up. I find it a lot of work to keep the previous weeks I am trying to catch up and the current week separate.  Most of the time, I find the concepts relate and I am wanting to go back and forth. I must say I appreciate all the hard work that has gone into the blogs, because it is making a challenging task a bit more bearable. Thank-you to all you amazing educators and peers.


I really enjoyed reading through other’ experience with differentiated instruction. It was reassuring to know that I am not the only who is overwhelmed with the process. I am also not the only one who finds the job as an educator stressful. The overall consensus I was getting is the job itself is challenging and DI will require more work on our behalf as educators. Although it is a challenging tasks, I believe it is worthwhile to practice DI for the both students’ learning needs and our sanity as educators. Right now the traditional methods of education don’t work more than ever on our current population of students. Throughout the required readings, it was made clear we are teaching a different population of students with different learning needs.


I agree it might be more work on top of what we are already doing, however, I want to make it clear, I believe that DI will eventually lighten the stress load because our instruction will have become better and students will have less gaps because of effective DI. The whole one size fits all motto is a really archaic principal. When I am feeling overwhelmed this is what I will have to tell myself, because it is to easy to fall back on the familiar.


One thing I would like to mention is I was really proud of the fact that we are all taking part in professional development as educators. We all have a huge stress load and we chose to do something constructive to alleviate the load. Kendra felt like I did before about how I lived and breathed being an educator and as a result my personal well-being took a toll. I eventually learned that I needed to take care of myself from a mentor teacher. It was some of the best advice I have ever gotten. I was happy to hear Kendra is making advances to take care of herself. I also could really relate to Jules as a once first year teacher pursuing higher education. It is so overwhelming and I had to commend her for her efforts. I also have to admit that even with 9 years under my belt, I also still struggle with DI. I would have to say it gets easier and from experience I have learned that technology helps tremendously with DI.


As the weeks go on, I look forward to learning from others through blogging and collaborating electronically.



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