Week 2 Reflection

Week 2 Reflection


Well I have been busy playing catch-up since I started this class late. In some ways it’s challenging to go back and try to interact with older blogs, but at the same time it is a bit interesting to see how much we have grown as educators. While reading through the blogs of others, I found it to be consistent among everyone that in the beginning they were less confident in their approach with DI and technology. I could hear the timidness in the voices of the blogs of Week 2 which is a vast difference from the present blogs. That was wonderful to see this growth. Yahoo!


I made sure that I checked out the blogs of the same students that I usually do as well as a few others. I wrote on Jules, Kendra, and Jim’s blog. This was a the first time I left a comment on Jim’s blog. I thought I would mix it up a little.


Jules really inspired me to always set goals. I loved how she painted the perfect classroom for herself and how she is striving for it. I think that is all we can do is strive for excellency. I really could relate with her, because I myself aspire to help all students equally. And again equally might not be the same thing for one student. She made a comment about how she is the type of teacher who asks questions that sometimes veer students away from the essential question. This had me thinking because I also have the tendency to do the same thing. However, I wonder if these question do or do not add to the critical thinking that is necessary in order to make sense of the essential question. This is something that has me pondering and when I have time I plan to research this a bit more. Another thing I liked that she stressed was having centers to have DI in the classroom. I agree! However, because I have older grades I tend to have a different approach with centers. I have a lot of options students can chose from and they usually tend to be in an electronic format. I couldn’t imagine trying to differentiate without technology. Technology makes my life easier!


I also took the time to respond to Kendra, who always does her best to articulate herself in way that thoroughly responds to the prompt. I appreciate that about her. I was a bit shocked with Kendra’s approach to teaching this year because it was such a major change. I guess I struggle with change a bit. I am with her on allowing students time to struggle and helping them individually, because I think it works as long as we have great classroom management skills. From the sounds of her blog she does have great classroom management skills. I for one do not take as much time and thought with my seating arrangement and she has inspired me to do so.


The last blogger I interacted with was Jim. I really like how he is short and sweet. For him it is about getting to know your students’ strengths and weaknesses. Then from there you are responsible for diagnosing them through the use of data. He was all about a data driven classroom. Way to go Jim.


Overall most of my peers seemed to have the same approach to DI or at least an understanding with an ideal goal in mind. I think we are all striving to get there and by furthering our education we are on the right path. Way to go guys!


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