Week 3 Reflection

Week 3 Reflection


I had to spend a considerable amount of time looking over blogs, because I am playing catch-up. Just like the week before it is so awesome to see how much we have grown in our confidence to differentiate instruction. I really enjoyed reading about how others are able to justify to their colleagues, parents, and students why DI is worth everyone’s time.


One thing that really popped out at me was a picture that Chelsea used in her blog to depict what DI meant to her. I like this picture so much that I screenshotted it and put it next to my own desk. Heck, a picture is worth a 1,000 words and I might even use this in my own classroom. It is in image that compares to images of people looking over the fence. In one picture all are standing by the fence on the same size boxes in which only one can see over. Whereas in the second picture they are all standing on different size boxes, but they all get the same view. I think this made perfect sense to why we need to differentiate instruction. We need to differentiate so that we can all work towards those standards that are mandated, but also so that students can grow with reasonable expectations. Great picture, Chelsea!


Another thing that I learned through collaborating with my peers is that we so commonly overlook the fact that we might have to justify our use of technology. As Jules stated, it never occurred to her that she would have to justify having her 7-year old behind an ipad. She’s right I just assume that everyone is so use to technology in my district and that they know what I am using it for. I’m lucky in the sense that I work at a school district that has been heavily using technology for the past 5 years so many parents and students are accepting of technology. However, I never thought to justify what I am doing is the best method.


Much like JIm I realized we can justify ourselves with assessment. I also read about this in the readings this week. Assessments should be used from the start to end of a unit according to the reading. My plan of action throughout this class has been to get better at using assessments to guide my lessons. This is a skill I realize I can improve on and know I will after reading and researching the benefits of doing so.


I look forward to finishing our final products that should be exemplar models of DI and use of technology. I love technology and I am starting to be quite fond of DI so it will be my pleasure to read over others’ units as they have posted in their later blogs.


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